Pompe à béton

HBT80C Electric concrete pump
Catégories de produits: Pompe à béton
Type de produit: HBT80C Electric concrete pump
This machine is to convey the concrete to the construction site or other places by horizontal or vertical steel pipes, which save much labor cost and improve the work efficiency. It is widely used in the construction site of high building, municipal construction, electric power, energy, civil and industrial architecture or narrow working site on which needs large demands, high standard concrete.

ZHB series mobile concrete pump is with high standard and configuration. The hydraulic system adopt open circuit,and with the features of high efficiency, good heat dissipation, working smooth and steady. The main pump, valve and the connecting are originally imported from German, Rexroth brand. Italy Manuli oil pipes. All the parts and oil pipes are better arranged on the machine and with full-automatic central oiling system, each oiling place are oiled as requested controlled by computer, which can highly save lub oil. Main electrical equipments are imported with original packaging, PLC programmable controller. The machine is adopted low tension control technology, wireless remote control, hommization control panel. The concrete pump is also with the features of constant power control of the pumping system, percent speed regulation of the pumping speed, auto anti-pumping when the pipes are blocked up. The S type distributing valve is with floating high hardness wear-resisting ring and alloy wear plate, which can extremely prolong the using time. Unique distribution, beautiful designing makes the machine compact, light weight and easy to operate, maintain and repair.

1.1 This machine adapt open type hydraulic system, the main pumping oil-way and S valve swing oil-way are mutually independent, which make the whole system simple, extend the conponent lift span, increase the stability, and finially much convenient to detect and remove the faults.
1.2 In order to remove the weakness of open type system of high shock when reversing, the reversing of main pumping oil-way system adopt main reversing valve extrocontrol pilot valve to decrease the pressure, lower the reversing shock. The reversing of main pumping oil-way system are more stable and reliable.
1.3 Pumping hydraulic system have the protection of overflow, at the same time, main pump have auto cut-off equipment when the pumping system is overpressured. The main pump acquire multi-stage protection.
1.4 Constant pressure pump supply oil to swing oil-way, the swing oil-way is with the feature of high swing power and energy conservation.
1.5 All the oil pipes joint are reliablly sealed by adopting conical surface sealing or imported rectangle sealing.

The main features of electronic control system is advanced technology, simple and high reliability.
2.1 The electrical components are high reliable because 90% components are originally imported from German, Simens brand, French, Schneider brand.
2.2 The electronic system are much more simple,higher reliable compared to domestic like products.
2.3 The equipments are with wire less remote control device, easy to remote handling.
2.4 The reversing is more reliable and faster by using proximity switch to non-contact reversing.

3.1 The key force-summing components like the hopper, S type valve and so on tested by the mechanical engineering mechanics accounting routine. The main components are with high strength which prevent the phenomenon such as deformation of hopper, broken of S type valve happened in the like products when deliver to high level.
3.2 Mixing system use unique form of isolating the hydraulic motor from the mixing bearing pedestal. Even if the mixing seal leak, it do not influence the working of hydraulic motor. At the same time, it can prevent the out of sync of two motors when the concrete is not well-distributed by using one motor.
3.3 With the years of striving to make technological breakthrough, the wear-out part such as wear plate and the cutting ring are much more endurable.the lift span can reach 20000 m2 when the pumping system goes well.

Lubricating system adopt centralize self-lubricating method. It is much more durable by installed the gauges of pressure increment and impurity filter on the outlet of lubricate pump.

The concrete pump adopt forced cooling big radiator in order to keep the oil temperature of the hydraulic system under 60 degree, so that to keep in normal working condition all the time.
Active force kw 110
Loading material height mm 1400
Main oil pump Rated operating pressure Mpa 32
Rated operating displacement L/min 473
Max. delivery value High pressure small delivery amount m³/h 60
Low pressure high delivery amount 80
Max. pumping pressure High pressure Mpa 15.7
Low pressure 9.2
Max. conveying distance Pipe diameter 150mm m Level Vertical
1100 270
125mm m Level Vertical
1000 250
Max. aggregate size Pipe diameter 150mm mm 50
125mm Mm 40
Distributing valve type   S type pipe valve
Cylinder bore / stroke mm 200x1800
Bycket capacity 0.6
Discharge hole diameter mm 180
Soft starter   Yes
Oil-way type   Open circuit
Pumping system oil pressure Mpa 34
Distribution system oil pressure Mpa 23
Mixing system oil pressure Mpa 14
Max. mixing rotate speed r/min 32
Air fan rotate speed r/min 3200
Max. aggregate size mm Cobble stone: 50
Gravel: 40
Concrete pipe internal diameter mm 125/150
Alternator/engine model   Y315S-4
Alternator/engine power kw 110
Rated voltage v 380
Rated speed r/min 1500
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 6200*2000*1800
Total weight kg 6500
Towing speed km/h 8

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