Pompe à béton

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Catégories de produits: Pompe à béton
Type de produit: XND5160-25M

Model XND5160-25M
Vehicle Dimension Length 9600 mm
Width 2400 mm
Height 3400 mm
Total weight 15200 kg
Boom & outrigger No. of section 4
Vertical reach 25 m
Horizontal reach 20.6 m
Reach depth 12m
1st section length 6800 mm
Articulation 90°
2nd section length 5000 mm
Articulation 180°
3rd section length 8875 mm
Articulation 270°
4th section length 4500 mm
Articulation 220°
Rotation ±360°
Outrigger spread L—R--Front 5200mm
Outrigger spread L—R--Rear 3500mm
Pumping system Output Low pressure 65 m3/h
High pressure 110 m3/h
Pressure Low pressure 6.5 MPa
High pressure 8 MPa
Max. Strokes Low pressure 16 times/min
per minutes High pressure 12 times/min
Delivery cylinder diameter 200 mm
Stroke length 1800 mm
Hydraulic system Open loop
Hydraulic system oil pressure 32 MPa
Oil tank capacity 600 L
Water tank capacity 400 L
Pipe line size 125 mm
End hose length 3 m
End horse diameter 125 mm
Chassis  Chassis model FOTON
Engine power CUMMINS  125 kw (r/min)
Emission standard National III ( IV)
Capacity of fuel tank  
Displacement 3760ml
Max. speed 110km/h
Ground clearance 260 mm
Wheel base 5200/4700 mm
Service Clients
    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!
    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!