Chariot élévateur

Catégories de produits: Chariot élévateur
Type de produit: XNF100
Load capacity  kg 10000
Load center  mm 600
Power  type DIESLE
Max.lifting speeds(with load)  mm/s 310
Max.driving speeds(with/without load)  km/h 16/22
Max.towing(with/without load)  kN 58
Grade ability(with/without load)  % 19/20
Lifting height  mm 3000
Free lift  mm 150
Tilting angles(forward-backward)  6/12
Min.turning radius  mm 4000
Min.right angle aisle width  mm 3540
Min.under-clearance  mm 250
Overall length(include fork)  mm 5500
Overall width  mm 2275
Overall height(mast lowered)  mm 2850
Overall height(mast extended)  mm 4300
Overall height to overhead guard  mm 2585
Fork overhang  mm 720
Wheel base  mm 2800
Front tread  mm 1600
Rear tread  mm 1700
Front tyre 9.00-20-14
Rear tyre 9.00-20-14
Total weight  kg 12510
Fork width  mm 175
Fork thickness  mm 80
Backrest height  mm 1015
Fork length  mm 1220
Engine model CHAOCHAI 6102-BG
Rate power  kw 80.9
Max.torque  Nm 353
Rotate speed at max torque  rpm 1650
Emission standard CHINA II
Battery 2-12V/80AH
Type of power shift Hydraulic
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    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!
    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!