Catégories de produits: Compacteur
Type de produit: XNR30
C30B series wheeled vibratory roller is applicable for maintenance of municipal roads and highways, as well as the compaction of the narrow road surfaces such as groove foundation with width above 1.1m, building construction, pipeline back fill and stadium.
Main Features
Mechanical movement, hydraulic vibration, hydraulic rotation, with reliable performance and optimum function/price ratio.
Both front and rear wheels have scraping and water spray unit.
Adopt ZN385Q diesel engine, very convenient for use and maintenance.
Compact integral structure, small volume, capable of used for compaction on narrow site.
Specification Unit C30B
Operating mass Kg 3000
Static linear load N/cm 128/172
Vibration frequency Hz 50
Centrifugal force kN 30
Travel speed km/h 5.6
Grade ability % 20
Turning radius mm 5000
Overall dimension mm 2900*1314*2600
Vibration round width mm 1000
Wheelbase mm 2100
Diesel power kw 21
Diesel model   ZN385Q
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    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!
    Hello! Rhinoceros Group at your service!